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February 28, 2012

I've done a revamp of the entire site in an effort to make it look more readable on more platforms, primarily adjusting the fonts.  Many Windows users won't notice anything, but I'm hoping the Mac and Linux folks will see an improvement.
As a side note, progress is being made on the pre-benchwork tasks.  The surface prep of the valence and view blocks is well underway and ongoing, and a new desk for the layout's computer system has been constructed.  I will get it painted and the top covered in plastic laminate over the next week or so.  The computer system is already in the room and I wanted to get the desk built so the computer equipment would be on wheels, and therefore easily moveable, for the benchwork construction.  It will have a home in a specific spot under the benchwork.  I also wanted my table back for use as a flat surface for holding tools and material during the benchwork construction.
February 5, 2012

I've added a few new links to the Links page.  If you haven't yet been to the Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine website, go check it out.  This free magazine (yes, I said FREE) is in its 3rd year, and is now a monthly publication.  You can read it online, or download it as a PDF file.  Did I mention that it's free?
Construction of the valence and the view blocks has been finished and they await only surface prep and painting for completion.  I'll post photos of the completed train room at that time.  This project turned out to be a booger...much more tedious and labor intensive that I would ever have imagined.  Thankfully, it's winding down.
Naturally, I'll post an announcement whenever I add new pictures of the layout construction.  However, I'll be using the blog to keep a running commentary about the construction, or any other topic that comes to mind.  If you haven't been over to the blog yet, go check it out.  You can also "subscribe" to it while there so that you'll receive notification of any new post that is added.
August 22, 2011

The Operations System Map has been improved, with the route of the railroad line now appearing on the map....a nice improvement to visualizing the route.
April 14, 2011

I've split up the What's New page.  As I looked over the announcements made over the past four years, I realized that most were likely of little or no importance to most folks.  They were basically just chronicling the train building construction, or new features on the website.  But now we're at the threshold of actual layout construction, and this just seemed like a good time to clean this page up.  The announcements that were made prior to the start of layout construction can still be found in the "What's New" Archive.
April 13, 2011

I've added a new BLOG to the site.  Actually, this is sort of an experiment.  My intent is to announce new additions to the website via this What's New page, but I'd also like a better vehicle to host my ramblings about various things.  I've never done this blogging thing before (I've never even read another blog, per se...the closest I've come is reading Joe Fugate's forum on his Siskiyou Line website).  We'll give it a shot; feel free to jump in there and set me straight as to the errors of my ways :-)
April 7, 2011

The System Map has been updated to reflect changes made in the railroad's plan over this past year or so.
All of the L-girders have been fabricated.  It's time for another trip to the lumber yard to purchase the material for all the bracing and joists.
March 30, 2011

Work continues on the valence, but I've run into a bit of a snag on bracing and trimming out the corner joints (at least those that are other than 90 degrees). I'm trying to work out a satisfactory solution to this.  Much of the lumber for the benchwork has been purchased and is acclimating to the conditions in the train room.  About half of the L-girders have been fabricated with the rest to be completed within a week or so as time permits.  I'm chomping at the bits to start erecting the benchwork, but will hold off until the valence and view blocks are finished, and I'd like to paint a few clouds on the backdrop while they are easily accessible.
I've made a couple updates to the Track Plan, with the focus being on accessibility.  I also managed to squeeze an additional yard track into the Willis yard.  And I've added a bit of abandoned trackage to the Spencer operation, mainly as a scenic item.
While not directly related to layout construction, I've moved my tools, supplies and junk into the new workshop and have it somewhat set up now to begin some modeling projects.  I've several hundred car kits to be constructed, a dozen or so locomotives to be "decodered" and painted, and the usual myriad of things to be built or modified for use on the new layout.
February 10, 2011

The valence panels have been added and primed, and their trimwork is being installed.  The attic is insulated, the carpet is in, and the backdrop has the base coat of Sky Blue painted on.  Go to the Construction Photos page to check the progress.  Benchwork is finally around the corner.
September 16, 2010

The Track Plan received a couple updates.  As usual, constant tweaking is in progress.  I'm continuing with my efforts to get the various industries firmed up.  The sawmill complex is the latest to get updated.  A work train storage track was also tucked into Monterey just north of the mainline (adjacent to the T&P hidden trackage).  Actually, this track is optional depending on how much room is available when the other trackage gets installed.  Maynard has also had revisions to its layout.
September 5, 2010

The valence and light supports have been added and painted and the light fixtures have been installed and connected.  Next, the actual valence will be installed.  Go to the Construction Photos page to see photos of the lights.  Also, now that the electrical work is complete, the attic can be insulated.
February 28, 2010

More photos have been added to the Construction Photos page.  Trimwork is done and most of the painting is complete. Next is the layout lighting.
February 21, 2010

I've revamped the photo sections to (hopefully) make them easier to navigate. The lead-in pages are more compact now, and clicking on any thumbnail will bring you into the "slide" presentation.  In the meantime, the final stages of construction continue in the train room, a bit slowly, but at a steady pace.  The end of the tunnel is in sight!
December 10, 2009

A couple photos have been added to the Construction Photos page.  I've started documenting the construction of the Louisiana Central via this page. Initially, I'll cover the final stages of the building completion, then cover the actual layout construction.
September 16, 2009

The Locomotive Roster page has received work.  I've added some tables showing the basic roster information.  I'll expand on this in the future.
September 15, 2009

The Construction Photos page has been started.
September 3, 2009

The Locomotive Roster page has been started.  This will be a work in progress over the next couple years, but at least now you can get an idea of what power will be running on the Louisiana Central.
July 25, 2009

The Track Plan continues to be updated.  Constant tweaking is in progress.  I'm trying to get the various industries firmed up.
June 28, 2009

Check out the Tony Howe's new website.  Tony has partnered with David Price at their new Mississippi Rails.  There is plenty of good stuff to see here, including Tony's railroad art gallery.
December 6, 2008

I've updated the photo sections by adding the ability to go directly to larger images and peruse them without having to back up after each photo.  Check out the Railfanning Photos and the Louisiana Central Right-of-Way shots.
November 1, 2008

Added a couple more links to some interesting model railroad websites.  Uploaded a newer version of the Track Plan ... yet more tweaking and refinement.
August 20, 2008

Added a couple new pages.  The "Operations Overview" page outlines the proposed operating theme for the new layout.  I'll be updating and refining it from time to time.
The "Waybill Program" page describes the car forwarding system I plan to use for layout operations.
August 14, 2008

Added a couple links to some interesting model railroad websites.  I still am unable to make progress on the train room, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.  The delays I've encountered have been painful, but hopefully we'll be in there this fall to complete construction and get the railroad started.
June 11, 2007

Added a link to the Southern Forest Heritage Museum.  This is an unbelievable relic from the past.  Practically the entire sawmill complex is intact.  And wait till you see the Clyde skidder and McGiffert loader!
February 24, 2007

The Track Plan had been updated.  Constant tweaking is in progress.
February 19, 2007

The Spencer Lumber Company is the largest single customer on the line.  I've added some photos of recently logged-over areas in their timber holdings to the Prototype Photos page.
February 12, 2007

I finally got to make another field trip this past weekend.  I've added more photos to the Prototype Photos page documenting the rest of the proposed ROW.
February 8, 2007

The trusty Minolta is back!  And just in time.  Former SP Mikado No. 745 was in town for a short time during it's shake down following repairs.  I managed to catch her on her way out of town, and recorded my first images on the restituted camera.  Check out the bottom shots at the Interesting Real Stuff photos page.

January 17, 2007

Well, there's nothing really new, but I thought I would post an update. I had planned a field trip of the proposed ROW during this winter while the trees are barren. I broke out the "trusty" Minolta A1 digital back in early December, and it was dead.  It's still at the repair facility.  Hopefully, I'll have it back before spring!  I'll be posting additional photos of the proposed line route soon after my field trip.
Also, due to some family situations, I've had to temporarily use the train building as a storage facility; therefore the sheetrock still lies in a neat stack in the room center.  Hopefully this spring will see the room emptied, and sheetrock should start assuming the vertical position against the walls.
In the meantime, I continue to review and revise the track plan.  I'll post an update to that also in the spring.

October 14, 2006

Rotated the track plan for easier viewing, and added a PDF version.
October 13, 2006

Added this "What's New" page.
October 12, 2006

Wanna see my mug?  Okay, go to the new About page.
September 30, 2006

Added some prototype photos taken along the proposed right-of-way.
September 9, 2006

Added the System Map page.

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