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I plan to operate with two different power schemes on the Louisiana Central.  The usual year of operation will be 1964, but the waybill program will allow the year to be anything I want at will, so I may slide back and forth a few years from time to time (but probably never later than 1964).

But on to the power.  Under one scheme, we'll be operating using steam power, most of which are locomotives acquired at bargain prices from the larger roads as they were phasing out their steam power.  A few come from the LC predecessor roads, the Mayberry & Southern and the Willis, Acadia & Monterey.  On hand is a varied assortment of power ranging from an 0-6-0 up to several chunky 2-8-0's.  The actual locomotives are a mixture of older brass models that I acquired in the 60's and 70's, and an MDC 2-8-0 kit.  I also have several of the plastic Bachmann 2-8-0 models, and one of the recent 4-4-0s.

The other scheme will utilize first generation diesel power, mainly a sizable stable of ALCO locomotives:  RS-1, RSC-2, RS-3 and RSD-5s, along with an S-2 switcher, and a lone EMD NW2.  I have a couple other 1st generation EMD units, but it is unlikely that they will see service.

In both scenarios, the connecting railroads (IC and T&P) will be operated with EMD GP7 locomotives.


Passenger traffic will be handled by an ex-SP/T&NO M-4 2-6-0, a modernized 4-4-0 and an old EMC doodlebug acquired from the predecessor road WA&M.  In the diesel scheme, the duties will be handled by RS-1's and the (recently re-engined) doodlebug.  The cars will have their own heat, so steam won't be required.


The freight will be handled by the 2-8-0's (ex-IC, ex-UP, and ex-WA&M), and a couple ex-logging engines inherited from the former M&S, which in turn were brought in from a defunct logging operation (a 2-6-2 and a 2-8-2).  When using diesels, they will be those named above.

The Spencer Lumber Company

The Spencer logging operation has one Heisler and two Shay geared locomotives, all bought new from their manufacturers.  Primary power is a Class C (3-truck) Shay, and backup power is provided by the 2-truck Heisler.  The Class B (2-truck) Shay is stored serviceable.  The Spencer operation has no internal combustion power.

Louisiana Central Steam Roster

Road Number Wheel Arrangement Acquired From Model Builder
3 0-6-0 UP PFM/United
11 2-6-2 M&S PFM/United
12 2-6-0 SP/T&NO Fujiyama
14 2-8-0 UP PFM/United
21 2-8-0 IC Bachmann
22 2-8-0 IC Bachmann
23 2-8-0 IC Bachmann
30 2-8-2 M&S NWSL
42 2-8-0 WA&M MDC
83 4-4-0 WA&M Bachmann

Louisiana Central Diesel Roster

Model Road Numbers Total Number Builder Model Builder Comments
RS-1 201-206 6 ALCO Atlas -
RSC-2 251, 252 2 ALCO Kato -
RS-3 301-303 3 ALCO Atlas -
RSD-5 401-404 4 ALCO Atlas -
S-2 501 1 ALCO Atlas -
NW2 701 1 EMD Kato Stored serviceable
F3A 601 1 EMD Stewart/Kato Stored serviceable
F7A 621 1 EMD Stewart/Kato Stored serviceable
GP7 801 1 EMD Atlas Stored serviceable
Doodlebug M-100 1 EMC Bachmann -

I recently equipped one of the ALCO RSD-5s with a SoundTraxx Tsunami ALCO 244 sound decoder, and I'm really pleased with the installation.  The sound is just great!  The $bad new$ is that I've decided that now all locomotives will be headed to the sound shops as funding permits.   Addendum: three more sound decoders have arrived; a pair of Tsunami ALCO 539Ts, to be installed in RS-1s #201 and #202, and the Tsunami EMD 567, to be installed in IC GP7 #8850.  4/17/2016 addendum:  I recently acquired one of the new LokSound Select decoders and will be installing it in one of the RS-3 locomotives for a trial.  I think I'm going to really like this decoder.

Spencer Lumber Company Roster

Road Number Type Class Builder Acquired From Model Builder Comments
2 Shay B (3' ga.) Lima Wester Timber Co. PFM/United On display
4 Shay B Lima New MDC Stored serviceable
5 Shay C Lima New Bachmann -
2 truck
New Hornby/Rivarossi -

Interchange Railroads Roster

Model Road Road Numbers Total Number Builder Model Builder
GP7 IC 8850, 8851 2 EMD Atlas/Kato
GP7 IC 8959, 8976 2 EMD Lifelike Proto 2000
GP7 T&P (MP) 4275, 4289 2 EMD Lifelike Proto 2000

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