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Here is a small collection of photographs that I have taken (except where noted) with my relatively new digital camera.  While not related to the new model pike or it's "prototype", these are some of the images that I like and would like to share.  I've got 4 or 5 thousand slides I've taken over the years, and I hope to digitize them some day.  When that feat occurs, I'll have plenty more to share via this page.

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Columbus and Greenville Rwy. Baldwin loco no. 601.  Photo from Louis Saillard collection. Amtrak No. 58 stops at Hammond, La. on a rainy February afternoon to take on passengers. An afternoon snack perched in the window of the Louisiana Steam Train Association (LASTA) tool car. Entering CTC territory (Hammond, La.)

Ever Vigilant - Tom (left) and Wayne on watch...nothing shall slip by these wary railfans! This is the street side of the Amtrak depot in Hammond, La.  The mainline here is the CN Railroad (formerly IC). Ex-SP steam locomotive no. 745 steams over the Bonnet Carre Spillway during its break-in run in December of 2004. Keith Bonnette takes a turn at firing the ex-SP 745 during its break-in run in December 2004.

A close-up study of (part of) the valve gear on ex-SP 745. Ex-SP 745 prior to departure from Hammond, La. in May 2005. It's February of 2007, and the 745 is passing through City Park in Baton Rouge, La. 745 sashays by on a balmy February morning.

An open end observation car follows up the rear of the train, with kerosene marker lamps resplendently displayed. Ex-SP 745 passes through the sugar cane fields south of LaPlace, La.  Photo by Shawn Levy.
Ex-T&NO (SP) 0-6-0 switchers still in service at the Standard Gravel Company's pit near Franklinton, La. in 1965. A station stop for the Ex-Fernwood, Columbia and Gulf Railroad motorcar, number M4.

It's 2008 and the KCS business train is heading to New Orleans for the BCS Bowl Game.  Photo by Shawn Levy.

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