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The Louisiana Central Railroad Company is an 86 mile long shortline operating between Monterey, Louisiana and Bude, Mississippi.  The Business Office is located in Monterey, Louisiana and the Operations Headquarters for the system is in Willis, Mississippi.  Trains operate under timetable and train order authority.  Presently the only trains listed in the timetable are passenger trains and a pair of general merchandise trains (one east and one west).  All other trains are run as extras, though most typically depart their respective stations at the same time each day.


Passenger traffic consists of four trains, two each direction daily (except Sundays), providing service between Monterey and Bude, with intermediate stops at Oneida, Whitcomb, Maynard (flagstop) and Willis.  Riders are primarily workers employed by the local mills and the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola.  There is also mail and express service offered system wide.


The general merchandise trains run between Monterey and Bude, with a stop in Willis.  These are a mix of freight coming on and going off line via the three interchanges, and a small amount of bridge traffic between the Texas and Pacific Railway and the Mississippi Central Railroad.  The latter business is showing substantial growth lately as the connecting railroads (and shippers) are finding this a speedy and practical alternative to freight routed down and through New Orleans.

There are also a pair of locals operating each way daily between Monterey and Bude.  These service all the individual industries on the line with certain exceptions as mentioned below.  Principal products hauled include crude oil, sand and gravel, food products, rough sawn lumber, farm supplies and equipment, and general merchandise.

Finally, there is the "wood train" that runs daily from Willis to Monterey and return.  This train serves the G-P mill and the pulpwood yard at Willis, and the paper products plant in Monterey.  Products include pulpwood and wood chips.

There are occasional express shipments originating on line.  Crawfish exports are a seasonal industry, as well as certain agricultural products produced locally in and around the prison at Angola which is located north of Monterey.


Interchange is done with the Texas and Pacific Railway daily at Monterey.  The T&P handles the exchange via their branch line originating a few miles away at their car ferry operation on the Mississippi River.

There is an interchange connection with the Illinois Central Railroad at Willis.  This is served twice daily by the IC with their north and south locals running between Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Vicksburg, Mississippi.

And finally, there is an interchange with the Mississippi Central Railroad at Bude.  Interchange there is on an ongoing basis via the shared yard trackage.

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