A Special Car

I just finished assembling this boxcar commemorating the 1973 NMRA National Convention in Atlanta.  My good friend Bill Williams had picked up this kit during that convention which he and I, along with a couple other guys, had attended.  Bill passed away a couple years ago and several months later, some other friends were liquidating a bunch of Bill’s railroad equipment during a railroading get-together and banquet.  We found this car in the box and I just had to have it.

SER Boxcar

The car is an old blue box Athearn that the NMRA had specially made up for the convention.  I decided to leave it more or less in “stock” form, adding only Accurail trucks, Intermountain wheelsets and Kadee couplers.  The car (by virtue of the date) is really too new for my era, however it will find a display spot in the train room and will likely be quietly added to an occasional train.  I’m thrilled to have this car, both for the memory of the convention and especially of Bill.


2 thoughts on “A Special Car

  1. Jack, My 1st NMRA convention was also the Atlanta 73. I had just moved to Chattanooga a month earlier and drove down for three days. Great introduction to the NMRA and other modelers.

  2. Hi there, Brendan

    Good to hear from you. I hope things are going well for you in your new home.

    The 1973 convention was, I think, great! I have many good memories of it.


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