Clyde F. “Bill” Williams

I would suspect that by now, most of you reading this blog have received word of Bill’s passing. It seems like only yesterday we lost Shawn Levy, and now this.

I am still in a state of shock. Even though in the past couple decades I only saw Bill roughly every six weeks, I considered him one of my best friends. Bill and I met years ago when he and I were both members of the Crescent City Model Railroad Club in New Orleans. At that time we were operating at Lou Schultz’s place in Lakeview, on the layout located up in the attic.

Bill and I have always kept up a spirited banter, though it’s always been in the spirit of friendship. I can’t imagine going to operating sessions now and not seeing and hearing him.

Bill had a lot of eccentricities, but I wouldn’t change a single one because that is what made Bill such an interesting character. I’ll miss him dearly.

Another one of the truly good guys is gone…

R.I.P. Bill


One thought on “Clyde F. “Bill” Williams

  1. My concern with Bill off running trains with a better group of people who has the worst hand writting to take over the writting of the card cars?
    Bill will be missed but will not be forgotten, his makers will be here for ever.

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