LCRR: Shop Complete

The shop area for the railroad is complete . . . well, almost. The Wilsonart laminate is installed, all the baseboards and quarter-round trim are in place, and the plastic coverings have been removed from the shelving above the cabinets. There is still a bit of paint touch-up left. I say “almost complete” as I see the ugly reality that the white paint on the shelving isn’t the same color as the white paint on the cabinets. One would think that white is white but that ain’t so (as the photos show). If it nags me, I’ll have to slap a coat of “new” white over those shelves. Judge for yourself below.

The storage and secondary work surface cabinet. Note the shade of white on it compared to the original white paint on the shelving above.
The main work counter. The sink is now installed and I’ll be adding a few other things such as a model paint rack, tool holders, and other “accessories” to aid in my model building. The laminate color is a bit lighter in person than these photos show. It’s a smooth surface with a matt finish, and I’m sure I’ll be happy with it.
The lavatory in the rest room is now in service. It just needs the towel rack reinstalled and the mirror hung, both are on hand.

I’ve been working on a “final” list of things left to do and making some pretty good progress. The trim installation is complete in the main train room . . . all that awaits is some caulking, filling of nail holes, and some touch-up paint. After that, all of the remaining layout leg bracing can be reinstalled and the plastic covering removed from the layout.

I’m confident that trains will be rolling this winter!

3 thoughts on “LCRR: Shop Complete

  1. You will have good weather inside and out for “Model railroad season”!
    But I must admit, Your Train building sure looks more like a modern Man Cave or “Dog House” .
    Always told my friends, Husbands when in the “dog house’, They should make sure they have A/C & carpet!
    Might be a long stay when wives get on the war path. LOL!
    Run some trains…

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