LCRR: Shop Cabinets Installed

I haven’t posted a progress report since late December of last year as there really wasn’t much to report on. Lots of small things were taking place, but nothing to post of “milestone” significance. However in this first progress report of 2023, I’m happy to announce that the new shop cabinets have finally been built and installed.

Shop cabinets, right side
At right: the workbench side of the cabinets. Model building occurs at the open area between the drawer stacks (I’ll use a drafting stool on casters here), and there will be a small sink near the wall at left.
Shop cabinets, left side
At left: this side is mostly storage, and for miscellaneous countertop “activities”.

I was able to salvage all of the hardware from the original cabinets, and most of the drawers (those with the white finish). The base board trim and shoe mold need to be applied next. I’ll be painting the new cabinets white as before. The countertops will receive plastic laminate, which worked very well for me in the past. I use a large cutting mat at my work position where the “rough” work occurs.

I’ve also purchased the flooring for the main train room itself. I chose to use LVT planks (each 9″ x 60″ in size) installed over a thin foam moisture barrier mat. These interlocking planks will give me a “floating” floor system. The layout has 52 support legs, so this type of flooring will (hopefully) make the job easier. I can remove a single leg or two at a time to enable sliding in a tile, and will have to plan the work carefully to get the flooring installed. I’ll start putting the flooring down right after getting these cabinets painted.

The light is showing down at the far end of the tunnel! 😁

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  1. Yahoo! Very nice work environment. I’m hoping to relocate mine into the workshop area once my son takes the radial arm saw to his shop. I

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