Sneaking Into Monterey

One can now sneak into Monterey via a subterranean entrance.  I completed the lift-up section this weekend.  Now I’ve got reasonable access back to the tail track of the wye and the surrounding area.

Lift-up section - closedAbove: Here’s the lift-up in the closed position.  The seams are very tight (merely the thickness of a jigsaw blade).  The wye will be to the right of the lift-up.

Below: And here’s the view of the lift-up in the raised position.  The center cross brace is about 3″ above my head.  I can comfortably reach the corner over to the right now.

Lift-up section - openThe drawer slides I used have release latches in them and it’s easy to lift the hatch and support legs completely out of the hole.  After setting the assembly aside, the area all around the hole is completely unobstructed.  I also can then stand on a stool if need be to enable an even further reach into the corner and to get my tired old eyes closer to the work.  That might be useful when scenery work begins.  There are a few more photos you can view here on the main website.

The lift-up works quite well, is easy to operate, and I’m very pleased with it.


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