Trains Roll on the Attighany Sub

Back in April I mentioned the possibility of continued operations on the late Lou Schultz’s Chesapeake and Ohio layout (Maybe the Sun Hasn’t Set).  Well possibility became reality this past Saturday as many of the former operating group assembled once again in Covington.  Yes, trains once again rolled on the Attighany Sub (an unofficial term often used for the layout).

We ran what was termed a “test” session.  We had a reduced crew of 16 and ran a four hour session.  The local organizers had pre-staged the layout and cleaned the track.  The fast clock was plugged in at 12:01 p.m., and trains started moving.

As was expected, there were a few glitches, some operational, some electrical/mechanical.  But considering that the layout had been dormant for over a year and that no one there had ever staged the layout before, things ran surprisingly well.

It was great seeing old friends again.  I think I speak for most everyone in saying that we want to continue doing this.  But there was also a sadness in not having Lou, Bill and Shawn present.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to Lou’s wife, Dee, and the family for their kindness and the opportunity to keep Lou’s dream alive.

On the way back home, Wayne Robichaux and I analyzed the session and stopped to partake of a meal at the Lagniappe Restaurant in Denham Springs.  What a way to spend and end the day . . . a fine day indeed!