Room Construction Update

The construction aspect of the valence and the view blocks is complete!  The final task is to prep and paint everything.  A long, tedious and often frustrating task is finally winding down.

Meanwhile, I’ve done a bit more in preparation for the benchwork.  The L-girders themselves have long been fabricated, and the legs and bracing have been ripped to size on the table saw.  I ripped this material from larger size lumber as it was cheaper than buying the material the proper size to begin with.  Ripping material is easy and goes quickly so I found the time worth the savings.  This weekend I got all the gussets cut out for the leg braces.  When benchwork erection starts, it should go pretty quickly since all the materials are present and ready.

Aside from painting the valence and view blocks as mentioned above, the only task that remains is to paint some clouds on the backdrop.  I’ve been reading about all the various techniques in the various magazines, and I’ve seen a couple You Tube videos on the subject.  I have some scrap Masonite that I think I’m going to paint up Sky Blue, and then I’ll have something to experiment with, trying out various techniques.  If you want to suggest something that worked for you, please post it…I’ll try anything in my quest for a technique that works for me.


One thought on “Room Construction Update

  1. Jack
    You’ve probably heard about those stencils. If you use them, hold them about an inch from the sky so you get a feathered edge to the clouds. Glueing a piece of scrap wood on the stencil as a handle makes it easier to manuever. A spray paint can works well. I’d suggest one of those pistol grip handle attachments which make it easier on the fingers to spray.
    I have some of those stencils I’d loan you but I guess you wouldn’t want to make the drive down here to get them. Mid-South might have some.
    Bill Williams

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