After an incredibly long delay, things are again moving forward on the Louisiana Central.  As I’ve bemoaned in a couple of posts, the big hang-up has been the lighting valence.  Well, significant progress has been made on this.  The hardboard warpage is now in check thanks to the 1×2 strips that have been glued to the base of the panels.  The specially cut blocking for the outside corners of the 45 degree joints is working well, and about half of those joints have been completed.  There are a number of inside 45 degree and odd angle joints that also have to be made, but I’m confident that the special blocking that we’ve fabricated will handle those nicely as well.

All in all, I’m pleased that the room prep is moving along again.  While there is still much work ahead, most of the hardest work has been completed, and further work sessions are tentatively scheduled to get ‘er done.