Another RR&G Locomotive: the #400

In March of 1988, with our discovery in Long Leaf, the first locomotive that Ron and I came across was the locomotive #400. She was in the woods sitting behind a Clyde double-ended log skidder, surrounded by bushes and trees. And a bit behind her was the engine house (a bit of its roof is seen at the far right of the photo below).

The #400 is of a 4-6-0 wheel arrangement, built by Baldwin for the Crowell & Spencer operation in 1919. She was originally a wood burner, but was later changed to an oil fired locomotive. Apparently at that time they removed the original Rushton cabbage stack and replaced it with the cannon stack she still wears. She’s fairly robust, with an electric headlight, dual 9-inch air pumps, air brakes, and 48-inch driving wheels. She was parked here and retired in 1953.

Red River & Gulf #400 Long Leaf, La
The retired #400 in the woods, surrounded by undergrowth and trees.
Red River & Gulf #400's tender, Long Leaf, La
Here’s the tender coupled to the #400. Note the oil tank dropped into the fuel space. The faintly seen lettering on the side says Crowell Long Leaf Lbr. Co. Inc.

The locomotive is much easier to view these days. The trees and undergrowth have been cleared out, and I understand that there are plans to eventually get her moved to a more suitable and protected spot. There are some nice photos of the old girl on the Red River & Gulf website. By the way, I highly recommend a visit to the mill and it’s railroad in Long Leaf, Louisiana . . . well worth the visit.

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