Photos Past: Louisiana Cypress #3

The photos I’ve been showing these past few months are scans of slides, and in a few cases, prints that managed to survive the great flood of 2016 in the town where I live. Here’s another of those survivors:

The Louisiana Cypress Lumber Company was a fairly extensive operation in the first half of the 20th century. They had a store and mill complex located on Highway 51 south of Ponchatoula, Louisiana. They also had a railroad operation that hauled the cypress timber to the mill. Locomotive #3 is a small 2-8-0 that was retired and put on display in front of the store on Highway 51. This photo was recorded (to the best of my memory) sometime back in the 1960s.

Louisiana Cypress Lbr Co #3 - Early 1960s

This locomotive was moved many years ago into the heart of Ponchatoula, located at the intersection of E. Pine Street and SE. Railroad Avenue. It’s right across the street from the former Illinois Central depot. It’s in generally good shape, though it suffers from somewhat “misguided” decoration on occasion. But . . . she still survives!

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    • The good news, Boudreaux, is that the City of Ponchatoula is building a new roof over the locomotive as we speak. She’ll be out of the weather soon.


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