L&N GEs on the Fueling Track

I’ve been looking through the few photographs that I still have that were taken at the L&N’s Gentilly Yard in New Orleans back in the early 1960s. I spotted this view of a quartet of GE U25B units sitting on the fueling track after servicing. I don’t recall ever showing this image, likely because the lighting wasn’t very good and it’s a bit washed out. But today it comes out for viewing.

I wasn’t a fan of GE locomotives back in those days. I thought EMDs were the king, and ALCOs were okay even though they sounded “weird” (I love their sound now though). But after my tour through these units, I decided that maybe they weren’t so bad. 🙂

Also note the lone EMD GP7 over at the left. I’m assuming it was one of those used in passenger service based on the lighting on it’s hood.

L&N at Fueling Stand, Gentilly Yard - Early 1960s

2 thoughts on “L&N GEs on the Fueling Track

  1. Not a fan of Railroads painting grey.
    That is why when I started into modeling, I got hooked on the White KCS units in the area back then.
    Never painted any of my KCS units any kind of grey.
    Grey seemed to make units look dirty.
    Now KCS is no more!

    • Boudreaux…you think the KCS white units looked cleaner? The only time I saw one that didn’t look like a dirty rust bucket was during the first week or so after they were painted! 🙂


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