Photos Past: L&N Railroad’s Gentilly Yard

We’ll shift gears again. Here’s a view taken from roughly the center of the L&N Railroad’s Gentilly yard in New Orleans, Louisiana back in the early 1960s. My dad took me here several times to do a little railfanning. In those days the rail crews didn’t seem to mind that you were in the middle of their yard as long as you stayed put in a safe space.

Off to the right you can catch a glimpse of the locomotive servicing area. The arch on the turntable is visible, and just a tad of the brick roundhouse can be seen at the edge of the image. The top of the sand tower is visible just above the blue boxcar.

L&N Gentilly Yard - Early 1960s

This view is looking roughly to the east. There wasn’t much around the east and south of this yard back in this time, mostly just marshland. It was speculated that the smoke in the distance might have been a marsh fire (quite common back then in unsettled areas of New Orleans East).