Photos Past: Details on a Working Steamer

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen a couple photographs of the Standard Gravel Company’s ex-T&NO (SP) 0-6-0 switcher. Today I thought I’d throw in a couple detail images of the #124. In this close-up of the steamer’s running gear we see the piston rod, and the crosshead and guide, along with the main rod which connects to the number three driver. It’s been a long time since this old girl has seen a steam/hot water bath, much less a paint job!

ex TN&O (SP) #124 Valve Gear

And here slightly right of center, we see the details of the water injector, along with (most of) the air pump, below left. At the top right (just in front of the cab) is the dynamo (the steam driven electrical generator). As bad as she looks, she is still functional.

ex TN&O (SP) #124 Injector

4 thoughts on “Photos Past: Details on a Working Steamer

    • I have a U.P. 0-6-0 (lettered for the Louisiana Central) that’s very similar to this locomotive. It has some pretty heavy weathering, but pales in comparison to this old girl!


  1. Thanks for reminding me to wash my truck, (1992) model.
    Agree about the condition, but have only been close up to clean and Shinning Steamers like U.P’s Challenger in El Reno, OK.
    Am impressed with those Drivers on it.

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