#360 Heading Up a Line Clearing Train

D&RGW Consolidation #360 is seen here heading up a line clearing train during the winter snow season. Note the spreader behind the locomotive, used to plow and clear snow away from the track. That looks like a rotary plow at the very end of the train, ready with a head of steam. The crew will have to re-order it to the head of the train once they reach the area of deeper snow drifts. They’ll likely have to add another locomotive to the consist at that time.

Otto C. Perry recorded this image somewhere near Sapinero, Colorado at an unknown date. Note the different style of lettering on it’s tender compared to the “modern” Rio Grande lettering she sported in 1948 which we saw in last week’s post.

Former collection of William H. Radcliffe, collection of Jack C. Shall

D&RGW 2-8-0 #360 near Sapinero

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