A Passenger Train east of Cerro Summit

D&RGW 2-8-0 locomotive #341 heads up a passenger train in this image. The location is the east side of Cerro Summit in Colorado, and was (likely) taken in 1934. She pulls an interesting consist of what appears to be an RPO (Railway Post Office) car, along with a baggage car and a pair of coaches.

Number 341 is a Class C-19 locomotive built in 1881 by Baldwin. She was scrapped in January of 1939.

Though I’ve credited the photograph to Mr. Radcliffe, it’s unclear if he is the actual photographer. Many of the images that I have in my small collection merely have notes written on the backs concerning location and date. Others have a “photographer’s stamp” which has spaces to fill in with the subject, location, date and other information. Those stamps have his name included in the stamp. At any rate, all of these images are from his collection and I’ll name the photographer where possible.

D&RGW 2-8-0 #341

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