Getting Back on Track

Well, sub-roadbed actually . . .

I’m mostly through with my computer woes, having most of the software re-installed and my data all intact on the new hard drive.  I took a break from working with all this to get some more railroad construction in.  And more construction did indeed ensue.

The Louisiana Central mainline sub-roadbed has reached the middle of Whitcomb.  The Spencer logging operation has sub-roadbed installed all the way to the west end of Whitcomb.  Track laying will commence shortly on both of those lines.  I’m enjoying this benchwork phase as it really produces visible evidence of progress.  And it’s kind of fun sawing and drilling wood.  It is tempting to simply keep advancing the sub-roadbed all the way down to the alcove, then back out to the second peninsula (the final frontier).  But I’ll resist and will commence track laying instead.

Here are a couple photos of this past weekend’s efforts:

LCRR mainline from Maynard to Whitcomb

The Louisiana Central mainline is now curving out from Maynard (at the far right), and then advancing westward to the center of Whitcomb (at the far left).  That’s the Spencer Camp 6 trackage at the upper level, and the double switchback at the mid level.   Both the Louisiana Central and the Spencer mainlines are headed to Whitcomb.

Spencer Lumber Co. at Whitcomb

The Spencer mainline has been extended further west and now is passing through Whitcomb.  The skeleton log car at left is just at the west edge of town.  The track will continue a few more feet left of this point, then make an S-curve to pass beneath a Louisiana Central bridge prior to heading for the hairpin curve in the alcove.  The benchwork at the far right is the Louisiana Central coming into the east side of Whitcomb.  That wide area will have the mainline, a passing track, and an industry spur serving a freight house, and a farm implement and supply dealer.

If you’d like to see more photos, you’re invited to visit the photo section of the website: Whitcomb and the Spencer operation.   All-in-all, not too bad of a weekend.