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Layout Construction Photos - Whitcomb

The photos below will show the benchwork and the beginnings of trackwork located at the opposite side of the room from the Monterey and Willis areas.  The layout portion along the wall will include a long stretch of mainline and will have one small town, Whitcomb, along with the Spencer Lumber Company's run up into the woods to their reload point.

My trusty assistant Wayne, and I got a good start this weekend by installing the remaining joists along the wall, and continuing around the hairpin curve down at the alcove.  We stopped at the entry to the peninsula, where a large Pratt truss bridge will eventually be located.

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7/20/14:  We started installing the joists on the benchwork at the opposite side of the room from Monterey.  That's the staging yard at right. 7/20/14:  Down at the alcove the track will make a 180 degree turn, then head back out to the second peninsula (left).  Whitcomb is on the right side.
7/20/14:  And here's the view looking from inside the alcove back toward the main room.  That's Whitcomb on the left and the peninsula on the right. 9/8/15:  The Louisiana Central mainline is now advancing west from Maynard (at the far right).  That's the Spencer Camp 6 trackage at the upper levels.

9/8/15:  Panning a bit to the left, the track has advanced to the center of Whitcomb (at the far left).  The Spencer trackage has descended from Camp 6 via a double switchback.
9/8/15:  Here's a view from the other end.  The broad area will have the main, a pass and a spur.  We're at roughly the mid-point of Whitcomb there at the end.
9/8/15:  This view is from across the room.  You can see the mainline curving out of Maynard and proceeding westward to Whitcomb. 9/8/15:  And here we've moved to the right.  The large area in the foreground is the peninsula where the Spencer sawmill in Oneida will be located.

11/25/15:  A long shot looking toward the alcove, with Spencer in the foreground and Whitcomb off in the distance.
11/25/15:  Zooming in a bit, that's Whitcomb in the center, and the Spencer switchback trackage at the right.
11/25/15:  And here's the view looking from the aisle at Whitcomb.  The mainline is nearest the aisle.
11/25/15:  And the view down at the far (western) end of town.  The start of the large turn-back curve is back in the alcove.

11/25/15:  There will be a plate girder bridge spanning across that opening.  That's the Spencer roadbed running beneath the future bridge.
11/25/15:  Here's a view from the other end showing the Spencer roadbed snaking around from behind, then crossing below the Louisiana Central track.
11/25/15:  This is an overall view inside the alcove.  Both the Louisiana Central and the Spencer trackage will make a 180 degree turn in this area.
11/25/15:  And here is the view shot from atop a stool.  This shows the track routes a bit clearer.  The two tracks join at left for a short distance to cross over a bridge.

5/18/16:  The passing siding and industrial spur track is in, switch motors are installed and everything is wired up.  This is the view looking west. 5/18/16:  This is an overall view from inside the alcove.  The foundation work in the foreground is a builder's supply dealer.  The switch just beyond will serve the property.  5/18/16:  Pictured above is the first train to enter Whitcomb.  Well, it actually backed into town as the bridge at the west end of town hasn’t been installed yet.

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