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Layout Construction Photos - the Benchwork

Benchwork has officially started! After many delays, the railroad construction is finally underway. The first two photos are of the business district of Willis, which will have the Illinois Central Railroad running parallel to the town's main drag. From there the photos pan to the left showing the location of Whitcomb and the Spencer logging operation, then to the right of Willis showing the Monterey area. The last photos are of the peninsulas which will support the railroad yard at Willis and the Town of Oneida, as well as the Spencer mill.

I erected all of the basic framework for the layout over a six week period.  The tops of the L-girders were set at 47 inches above the floor.  The final track roadbed and surrounding surfaces will vary in elevation above that baseline.

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7/15/12:  Here is the first photo of the very first benchwork for the new railroad.  You're looking at the City of Willis.
7/15/12:  The Willis benchwork viewed from the other side of the room. The benchwork is conventional L-girder style. 7/22/12:  Moving counter-clockwise, this section will support Whitcomb (to the left) and the Spencer logging line climbing to the woods.
7/22/12:  And the view from the other end.  Track will emerge from the coved area at the far end onto the peninsula that will be at the left side of this view.

7/27/12:  Now we're moving clockwise from the photo above.  This is (part of) the Town of Monterey.  At the far end will be a paper products mill.
7/27/12:  Here's the view looking from the other end.  There will be a wye in the far corner, and industries to the right of that (along the far wall).
8/5/12:  This weekend we turn the corner down at the end of the view at left.  The section with plywood sides will be an access pop-up.
8/5/12:  Looking just a bit further right, there will be a special thin profile section of benchwork over the computer desk.

8/12/12:  This is the first of the two peninsulas.  This peninsula will support the Willis yard and engine facilities. 8/12/12:  And here is the first peninsula viewed from the other end.  The benchwork along the wall beyond is Monterey. 8/19/12:  This is the second of the two peninsulas.  This will support Oneida and the Spencer Lumber Co. mill.
8/19/12:  Here is the Oneida peninsula viewed from the opposite end.  The track will continue into the alcove beyond.

8/26/12:  This view shows the connection between the peninsula (left) and the alcove and benchwork at the wall.
8/26/12:  And here is the connection of the other peninsula to the section of layout along the wall.  This is Willis.

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