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This page will on occasion feature excess or unused items and equipment that I would like to sell.  If you're interested in something, drop me a line at the link near the bottom of the page and we'll do a little business.

Lenz DCC Equipment - SOLD OUT

I am selling some of my Lenz equipment.  All items have the latest version 3.6 software.  All are like new, clean, no scratches or dents, and are complete.  My layout is not operational yet; equipment has only been used for testing during construction.  Manuals are included.  See below this list of items for bundled specials!
LZV100 Command Station and 5 amp Booster

This is the "brain" of the system, plus a 5 amp power booster.  The case is extruded aluminum, with nice anodized face plates front and rear.  Lenz is the TOP quality, bar none.

A 5 amp AC or DC external power source is required (not included).

LI100F Computer Serial Interface

Allows connection of the system to a computer.  JMRI and other software interface to the system quite well.  This connects anywhere on the XpressNet bus, and requires no external power source.

This is the rear view, with the serial port at left, and the XpressNet power and bus connection at the right.  The front looks similar to the LZV100 above.

LH100 Dispatcher's Throttle

This throttle is the top of the line and can do everything that the Lenz system is capable of doing.  Programming is much easier with this throttle than with any of the others.

Includes the cable and instruction manual.


LH90 Engineer's Throttle

This throttle has that large knob for speed control.  The direction is controlled by the toggle switch at upper left.  The display utilizes large, red LED characters and is very easy to read.  A very comfortable throttle to use.

Note:  The throttles that I am offering have the white face knob with the black rubber edge (rather than the black faced knob in this photo).

Includes the coiled cable and instruction manual.

$89 each

4 available
Save some money:  I will combine the LZV100 command station/booster with the LH100 throttle for $319.

Save even more money:  My 1st preference is to sell all components as a lot.  Get the LZV100, LI100F, LH100, and (4) LH90's for $799.

If nobody is interested in the lot, I'll sell components individually as listed above.

Note:  Prices are plus actual shipping cost.

Contact me at:  Louisiana Central Railroad Co.

Paasche Paint Spray Gun

This is a Paasche Model 62-2-3 spray gun.  This tool fills the void between an air brush and a full size paint sprayer.  It will spray medium-light to heavy bodied paints and glazes.  It is very simple in construction and use; just point and press the thumb trigger to spray.  It is a siphon feed, internal mix design with a 3 oz. screw-on jar.  The useful range for spraying is from under 10 psi up to 40 psi, the higher pressures being useful for the heavier bodied paints.  Cleaning is very simple; just spray water or solvent (as applicable) through it immediately after spraying paint.

I originally bought this with painting clouds on my sky backdrop in mind.  However, this spray gun isn't an air brush . . . the pattern is larger and coarser, especially when using heavy bodied paints (I was using cheap craft acrylic paint).  The coarse pattern was totally unsuitable for this purpose as I wanted a very light, semi-transparent effect and the resulting finish I received just simply didn't work out.  However, despite the course spray pattern, it does fine if one intends to actually put a solid coat of paint on an object (I tested it over an area, and it did just fine in that capacity).

The gun uses a typical air brush hose available from Paasche, and I found out that it was identical to my Binks hose, so I used my existing hose.  Thus, no hose is offered here, just the gun as pictured.  I have sprayed only about 3 oz. of paint, so essentially this guy is like brand new.  It is in the box with the instruction sheet.  This spray gun retails for $47.00.  I’ll let it go for $23.50 (half price) plus shipping cost if not local.

I'll probably be adding other tidbits here from time to time.  If you see something you're interested in, just drop me a line at:
Louisiana Central Railroad Co.
and we'll chat about it.

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