Photos Past: Critters and Such

Actually, this is a partial re-post of of an entry back in 2017. Ron Findley and I made another of our occasional forays to the Greater Baton Rouge Model Railroaders club up in Jackson, Louisiana back in March of that year. There once was a small steam powered tourist railroad operation on the property, the Old Hickory Railroad. Unfortunately its operation has been suspended for many years now. The owner has a collection of derelict railroad and farm equipment, most of which is under an open shelter.

Under that shelter are three tiny Plymouth locomotives. They are still in various stages of disassembly, but a fourth had been restored shortly before our visit, and was parked out in the open. Naturally I documented the little critters, and earlier had posted photos of them, along with several other relics stored under the roof.

Presented today is the restored critter (or as women would say, “that cute little thing”).

The front view of the locomotive. The club occupies a couple of the buildings off in the background. They have indoor N, HO and O scale layouts, and two outdoor G scale layouts, one electric and the other live steam. I wish they had rights to the full size railroad so we could take the Plymouth for a spin! 🙂
The rear view of the locomotive. A small part of the open shelter is seen here in the background. Its actual size is quite large.

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