The Bridge at Vicksburg

Back in the spring of 1996 a friend and I motored up into Mississippi to check out the various railroad facilities there. We got as far as Vicksburg, and while there we found a spot overlooking the big bridge spanning the Mississippi River. As luck would have it, a Kansas City Southern freight train appeared, and I recorded this view of the train as it was reaching land on the east bank of the river.

This bridge has both the rail line and the old US Highway 80 on it. That’s the roadway angling up at right from the bridge. A few years after this image was made, automobile traffic was halted, being transferred to the new I-20 bridge just downstream. There is some interesting history on this bridge, follow this link to read its story.

This slide is a rare flood survivor . . . glad to still have it.

KCS Train at Vicksburg, MS

3 thoughts on “The Bridge at Vicksburg

  1. i have been there back in the 1980’s.
    I-20 East of Vicksburg going to Jackson was a roller-coaster then.
    Hope it got better?

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