KCS BCS Special

It’s 2008 and the Kansas City Southern is running their business train to New Orleans in time for the BCS Bowl Championship Game. The locomotives are looking good in their “retro” paint scheme. Shawn Levy has captured this image at a perfect angle, and within excellent surroundings.

KCS BCS Bowl Special 2008

The local LSU Tigers prevailed in the contest against the Ohio State Buckeyes, with the final score of 38-24.

4 thoughts on “KCS BCS Special

  1. Got hooked on the KCS after seeing the front cover of a model r.r. mag. many yrs. ago with a white SW-1500 moving around New Orleans.
    So became MY railroad.
    Got a undec. E-8 I.H.C. & set of decals to match your photo back in the 1990’s that still runs today and looks GOOD!
    You are so right Jack.
    Nice pic!

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