Photos Past: Carrollton Station, New Orleans, Louisiana

An intermediate stop in New Orleans, the Carrollton Station was located at Carrollton Avenue, just a very short block from Tulane Avenue. One could board or disembark from certain trains here if convenient, rather than go all the way downtown to the Union Passenger Terminal. As a kid, we sometimes road the rails from New Orleans to either Ponchatoula or Hammond to visit with family, then back a day or so later. And Carrollton Station is where we usually met the train as we lived just a few miles from here.

Here is a typical view of the station back in the early 1960s. I believe that before my time, there was actually a small depot building here in addition to a covered platform. When I made my visits, there was simply a small, narrow glassed in shelter in which people crowded on rainy days. The large Fontainebleau Motor Hotel was a fairly new landmark at this time, having been constructed on the site of the old Pelican Stadium baseball park.

Seen here is one of the Illinois Central’s beautiful chocolate and orange streamliners stopped to pick up passengers on the outbound portion of it’s journey. The train is heading west by northwest at this spot, and judging from the sun angle, this was likely late afternoon. Those bridges in the foreground take the tracks over Carrollton Avenue.

Carrollton Station, New Orleans, LA

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