1970s Memories: A Review

I mentioned in last week’s post that I might republish a few “reruns”, photos that I like that were posted in the earlier days of this blog. I’ll start that today with the post below, originally published in March of 2018.

I thought I’d start posting a few photographs I took back in the 1970s.  I’ll start today with this one taken at the former federal General Services Administration (GSA) supply depot that was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  This was a significant supply depot for many years, even having its own steam locomotive to switch and spot the freight cars.  But after use of this depot began to wind down, a large chunk of it was eventually turned over to the BREC park commission in Baton Rouge.  This photo shows one of the rail served warehouses that were in the facility.  A few still survive to this day.

2 thoughts on “1970s Memories: A Review

  1. Originally the depot was closed to through traffic (there were guarded gates at the north and south entries to the facility). When the federal government gave the first lot of property to the city, the gates were opened, the through street was cordoned off from the remaining federal property by high fences, and traffic was allowed through. This new thoroughfare became N. Sherwood Forest Dr. By that time there was no longer rail service within the depot, though most of the trackage was still there. Today very little trackage remains.

    You might remember the huge bauxite storage piles that were still there for quite a few years afterward. Eventually they hauled that off in trucks.


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