Steaming Up the RGS #22

Mr. William H. Radcliffe recorded this scene of the Rio Grande Southern #22 as she was sitting at the entry to the roundhouse in Ridgway, Colorado. It’s a chilly late fall day in October of 1942, and it appears that the locomotive is being steamed up in preparation for its day of work.

The #22 is the sister of the #20 that we saw in last week’s post, and is one of three 4-6-0 locomotives that were purchased from the defunct Florence & Cripple Creek Railroad in 1916. She was built by the Schenectady Locomotive Works in 1900 as the F&CC #24, and was named “Last Dollar”. The RGS classified her as a “T-19” locomotive in 1921, and she was scrapped in 1946.

RGS 4-6-0 #22
RGS 4-6-0 #22

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