A New Post Notifications “Test”

I have been required to update my Post Notifications plugin to the latest and greatest. The update wasn’t as “simple and easy” as I expected, but I believe it is working correctly.

If you’re a subscriber reading this post, but did NOT receive a notification for it, please advise me so I can try to figure out what went wrong. You can do this by simply leaving a comment on this post.

Thanks for your support, and sorry if this causes any hassles!


6 thoughts on “A New Post Notifications “Test”

  1. Jack,

    I received an email from you at 12:38pm today notifying me of this posting.
    I think that means you have successfully completed the upgrade!


  2. E-mail and no coupon for a free Snow cone?
    Come on Man!
    Thankful for my Heat pump these days here in Oklahoma City.
    Thanks for the update.

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