Replenishing the Coal and Sand

Last week we saw an image Jack Delano had recorded while visiting the C&NW roundhouse at the Proviso Yard near Chicago in December of 1942. Now he has moved outside to the coaling facility where he has captured a couple of steam locomotives taking on coal and sand. After this replenishment, they’ll move a bit further down to take on water.

If you’re a steam locomotive fan who has been fortunate to have seen them working in person, you’ll probably remember that interesting (perhaps wonderful) aroma of coal smoke, steam and hot oil on a cold winter’s day. Once you smell that, you’ll likely never forget it!

Replenishing the Coal and Sand

We’ve previously seen a couple other photographs taken here by Mr. Delano on that day. Here’s one featuring one of the road’s “4000” locomotives as it was being refueled. And here is a color image taken from roughly the same vantage point as the featured image above.

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