Doing the Paperwork

Conductor F. T. Granstaff is seen working on the paperwork in his caboose on the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad while traveling between Marceline, Missouri and Argentine, Kansas.

The conductor’s desk has always fascinated me simply because of their variety and usual clutter. Note the kerosene lamp lighting the desk. The shade must be new and Conductor Granstaff will keep it looking that way by keeping the cellophane shipping wrapper on it (how many times did you see that in Aunt Margie’s home?). Of course, the ever-present cigar box is seen in the desk drawer keeping the various writing, erasing and taping paraphernalia corralled. There’s a stack of used switch lists to its side, along with other forms. The conductor may be working on his wheel report.

Photograph by Jack Delano, March of 1943

Conductor Working on the Records