Meeting the Eastbound Chief

The Santa Fe freight that Jack Delano is riding is easing down a mountain having just crossed its summit. And passing at right is an eastbound passenger train, the Chief, as it nears the end of it’s charge up the grade. At this point the Chief is only about three hours into its 45 hour run to Chicago.

This section of railroad is located between Barstow and San Bernardino, California. There are some long, winding grades along this route. The brakeman is seen riding the running boards, keeping a close eye out for problems.

The #3770 steamer powering the Chief is a Baldwin built 4-8-4 Northern and is quite the beast, sporting 80″ drivers, running 300 lbs. of boiler pressure, and producing 79,968 lbs. of tractive effort. Note the war-time required tightly visored headlight.

Photograph by Jack Delano, March of 1943.

Meeting the Eastbound Chief

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