Headin’ For the House

Some track workers pause for the #3615 to pass through. Jack Delano captured this scene as the Illinois Central 2-10-0 was easing off the turntable and heading for a stall in the roundhouse. We’re in Chicago in November of 1942, but hard work apparently keeps these workers warm even with light jackets and overalls.

Entering the Roundhouse

I became curious about this locomotive, so decided to do a little research on it. I found the below photo and commentary on Dr. Richard Leonard’s Random Steam Photo Collection website. “She was a 1939 Paducah Shops rebuild and combined the boiler of a 2-8-2 (original number 1537) and the chassis of a 2-10-2. She was scrapped in August 1957, according to Ray Breyer’s invaluable all-time IC steam roster spreadsheet. This view, by an anonymous photographer, comes from the collection of Tom Rock of T.D.R. Productions. A late 1940s date is suggested for this photo, which was taken at the Paducah Shops.”

ICRR Steamer 2-10-0 #3615

And below is a broadside view of the Decapod recorded on February 21, 1957. This photo was taken in Bluford, Illinois by an unknown photographer. Note that in these last two photos, the headlight has moved to the top of the boiler, otherwise she looks about the same as Delano’s view in 1942.

ICRR Steamer 2-10-0 #3615 - 1957

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