Chicago Union Station Concourse

While in Chicago, Jack Delano strolled through the Union Train Station and documented several of the views he saw. This image is of the station’s concourse, and it shows a typically busy day.

It’s January of 1943, and the United States has been directly involved in World War II for a bit over a year now. There are quite a few service men in the crowd, and virtually every poster and sign has a war theme. The largest banner in the background shows bombs dropping on Nazi Germany. The USO is represented, and if one looks carefully, you’ll spot signs directing the service members to the USO Lounge, as well as the Servicemen’s Canteen.

The concourse is lined with a spectacular display of international flags, presumably all of the nations involved in the allied war effort.

Chicago, Illinois. Union Station Train Concourse

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  1. The Phillipines at the time was a territory of the United States being occupied by Imperial Japanese forces and would be for around 1 year more. After liberating the Phillipine Islands in 44-45, the United States granted their independence on July 4, 1946. You unwanted history lesson for today.

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