Proviso Yard Overview

It’s a dreary and frosty day in December of 1942, and Jack Delano has arranged to get an aerial view of the Chicago and North Western’s Proviso Yard. The plumes of smoke and steam vapor provide a bit of brightness, providing an interesting contrast to the bleak surroundings.

Mr. Delano took quite a few photographs from his elevated perch, and this is perhaps my favorite. But this is only a portion of his view that day as the original slide is badly damaged and I chose to crop out a sizeable chunk on the right, resulting in this composition.

Located in Melrose Park near Chicago, this yard is presently in use by the Union Pacific Railroad.

C&NW Proviso Hump Yard

1 thought on “Proviso Yard Overview

  1. With my late father serving over 20 yrs. in military, we spent time on a farm in Iowa when CNW still ran. Class mate was on the board to work on a run up in that part of the country. Saw him riding top of a box car in Sioux city yard in the 1970’s.
    I do NOT miss the bone chilling cold up north.
    Snowmobiles were fun in the snow yet.
    Be safe and build your way to a happy mood!
    Finished another Stock car last night, working also on my Bachmann Spectrum GP30 in KCS colors, (white livery).
    Be safe.
    Boudreaux, B. C. E. R.R.

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