Cane Train in Puerto Rico

Jack Delano spent a bit of time down in Puerto Rico back in January of 1942, no doubt a relief from the winter weather in the northeastern part of the United States. While there he toured the vast sugar industry on the island.

The image below shows one of the many steam powered sugar cane trains at a location near Guánica. The harvested cane is hauled from the fields in the oxen powered carts, then loaded onto the train for the trip to the mill.

The 3-spot appears to be of Baldwin origin, and based on the headlight and its slide valves, I would guess its build dates to the early twentieth century. With a 4-6-0 wheel arrangement, she’s a good bit larger than what us Louisianians were accustomed to seeing in our cane fields.

Cane Train near Guanica, Puerto Rico

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