Oiling Up the #403

It’s an overcast day in October of 1940, and we’re paused in the yard near the Bangor and Aroostook freight house in Caribou, Maine. Jack Delano documented the engineer as he was oiling around his locomotive prior to it’s run. The locomotive wasn’t identified in this photograph, but it appears to be the #403 seen from a different vantage point than the view in this prior post. Note the mix of steel and wooden cars in the background.

Oiling Up BAR #403

2 thoughts on “Oiling Up the #403

  1. Good morning Jack,
    you are so lucky to have those photo shots of the past.
    are you using DCC or DC on your layout?
    I have too many engines old and new to even think of DCC. small layout too!
    State model railroad show is first wk/end of Dec. not sure what i want, but do need more Kadee couplers for sure,, but use a few horn-hook for some I sale to beginners.
    winter is early up here.
    later,,, Boudreaux
    Saints and LSU are looking good!

  2. Hello Boudreaux,
    I’m using DCC for my layout . . . made the decision quite a few years ago, and haven’t regretted it. I know making the switch can be gut-wrenching when one has a large roster (I still have most locomotives needing conversion to DCC). If you have a small layout which you normally operate alone though, it may not be worth the hassle and expense.

    I sure wish we had large train shows down here. There will be however, a smaller local show this weekend over in Ponchatoula.

    Yep, we’ve been rewarded with some winning football this year in Louisiana!


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