South Water Street at Night

Back in March of this year I posted a Jack Delano image of the the Illinois Central freight depot in Chicago, Illinois. Looming in the background of that photograph is the huge Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer neon sign, complete with a clock. Mr. Delano had also visited that location earlier during the night in April of 1943. And on that night he recorded the sign in all of it’s night time glory, resplendent in all of it’s vibrant colors.

Looking closely below the sign we can make out the image of a string of reefers (refrigerator cars) lurking in the dark shadows of the yard.

ICRR S. Water St. Yard at Night

1 thought on “South Water Street at Night

  1. Hey Jack,
    My uncle Bob who lived in Peoria, Il. retired from PBR and told us back in the day. How the company treated all worker Very good. Back in the day companies knew how to treat all folks with respect. So sad it is all about greed today!
    Oklahoma is trying to fine U.P. and BNSF if they block crossings over 10 min.
    folks always in a hurry these days. Stop and smell the roses or even get a hobby!!
    looks like hurricane season starting up my friend

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