Departing Chicago on the B&O

A Baltimore and Ohio passenger train is seen departing Union Station in Chicago. It will travel via the Alton Road to St. Louis.

It’s a cold wintry night in January of 1943, and evidence of snowfall coming through the roof ventilation openings is seen on the tracks and platforms. Note the illuminated and raised platform between the tracks, the rest of the structure being rather dark and foreboding.

Photo by Jack Delano

B&O Passenger Train Departing

2 thoughts on “Departing Chicago on the B&O

  1. So cool to have all that info Jack. Am old enough to remember steam engines running at night behind my Foster parents place and getting into trouble for playing in the pile of coal down the street at the station when was very young.
    do you need any rain? lol. Flooding roads now every time we get rain.
    later, Boudreaux, building some roads in swamps on layout.

    • Boudreaux, we’re not strangers to bad weather down here. Last Thursday there were six confirmed tornadoes in this general area, along with up to seven inches of rain within an hour! This year, when it rains, it pours! Don’t send us any more. 🙂


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