Inside a “New” Cab

George Bertino is at the controls in the cab of his diesel freight locomotive ready to pull out of the AT&SF yard in Winslow, Arizona. Judging by the year of the photo, and the wear and tear in the cab, this is likely an EMD model FT locomotive.

Mr. Bertino is apparently a veteran of steam locomotives as evidenced by his dress in traditional overalls. Note the sleeve protectors, not usually necessary in this new environment.

This scene was captured by Jack Delano in March of 1943.

Cab of ATSF Freight Diesel

2 thoughts on “Inside a “New” Cab

  1. Thanks Jack,
    A friend has one of those control knobs they use now. He also has a photo of his ex-NW caboose in the Fallen Flag web page railroad ACJR short line cab 555573, but some one misspelled his name, Name is Rob Dale. Also has here in mustang OK. A 1984 Mil. Road speeder in U.P. colors that runs! AOK R.R. owner has given him rights to run on any dead lines.
    Need any flood water?,, lol,, we got hit by tornadoes a few miles west in El Reno last night, lost 2 folks,, so sad!
    Best Wishes, Boudreaux of the B.C.E. R.R.

    • Boudreaux, sorry to hear of your weather troubles up there . . . as you know, I’m familiar with the flooding issue. Sad to hear about those that lost their lives.

      I’ve a close friend in Baton Rouge that has a couple motor cars (one is operational). That’s a whole hobby into itself. While I haven’t gone on any runs with him in his speeder, it sounds like fun!


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