Unwelcome Subscribers

For quite a few months now I’ve had a flurry of “rail fans” registering with the Post Notifications sign-up that shows in the sidebar at right.  Virtually every day I get anywhere from one to a dozen new folks who can’t wait to be notified of new posts.  It’s pretty obvious they’re just some sort of spammers, or otherwise have nefarious intent.  I’ve tried several ideas aimed at thwarting this, but they obviously haven’t worked, and the problem just increases as time goes by.

Therefore, I’ve deleted the post notification sign-up on the sidebar.  It will still show up for folks that wish to leave a comment on a post as a checkbox on the comment form.  Or in your comment you can indicate that you’d like to subscribe and I can manually add you.

We’ll see how this goes for awhile.  Hopefully it’ll solve the problem, though I wish I didn’t have to make it harder for folks by doing this.  But I’m just tired of checking the blog two or three times a day in order to delete these characters.

To my friends and followers out there, I hope you have some wonderful family time during this holiday season, and I appreciate very much your interest in this humble blogging adventure.


4 thoughts on “Unwelcome Subscribers

  1. Please continue to keep us informed of your progress. Hope you get your spammer problem solved. I didn’t check the add me to your mailing list as I hope that I am already on there.

  2. Hi George,

    No worries, Bud. This isn’t causing any problems with the existing folks who subscribe to the mailing list. And anyone who wishes to join the mailing list may still do so. It’s just a bit hidden as to how to go about it.

    I also have another experiment going behind the scenes in an effort to thwart this. Hopefully, it will help enough that I can eventually restore the opt-in button to the sidebar.

    Hope all is well up in Dry Prong. You’ll have to head down here some day, and maybe we can get a few of us together to visit with Mike, Matt, and Walter, and see how their layouts are coming along.


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