Photographic Proof of Progress!

Earlier in the week I finished installing the sub-roadbed (plywood topped with Homasote) in the town of Oneida.  This town is located on the 2nd peninsula, which happens to be the 5th and final major area of benchwork.  Today I sanded and filled joints between panels and did general cleanup in the area.  Tomorrow I’ll likely get a coat of paint down to seal things.  I’ve been promising for weeks (months?) to get some pictures posted of the work that’s been done in both Whitcomb and in Oneida.  Well I’ve finally done it!  Here are a few to start things off:

Looking down the aisle
Here’s an overall view looking down most of the length of the room.  That’s the Spencer Lumber Company’s Camp 6 on the right, along with the double switchback required to get up the hill.  To the left of that is the Louisiana Central mainline.  Way down at the far end is Whitcomb.  Over on the peninsula at left we see Oneida.

Whitcomb up close
Here’s a closer view of Whitcomb.  I’ve started the trackwork in this area and the mainline (left) is complete and wired.  The passing siding (center track) and the industrial spur (right) aren’t installed yet . . . the pieces are being cut and fitted, and they should be going down soon.  The next track to the right (on it’s own supports) is the Spencer mainline from the woods.  It’s heading back to the mill at Oneida.  And the high line against the wall is the tail of the 2nd switchback on the track up to Camp 6.

The alcove
Down in the alcove, both the Louisiana Central and the Spencer mainlines make a 180 degree curve, then head back to Oneida on the peninsula.  The gap in the roadbed at right is where the plate girder bridge will go.  The Spencer mainline passes below the bridge here.  The two mainlines join at left for a bit of joint trackage over the river bridge to be located just east of Oneida.

I’ll get a pic or two taken at Oneida in a few days after I finish up the painting and cleanup.

If you’d like to see more photos, you’re invited to visit the photo section of the website: Whitcomb and Oneida.  And you can find the track plan here.

Happy New Year to all!


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  1. Looking good, get some track done so you can start doing so test operations. Hope you’re having a wonderful New Year.

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