Louis H. Schultz

Yet another dear friend and great model railroader has passed away.  Last night I received word that Lou had left us earlier in the day.  Lou had been in declining health for some time, so his passing probably wasn’t a big surprise to most of us.  But it’s still painful when a good friend does leave.

Back in the early 60s, while I was visiting Hub Hobby Shop in New Orleans, Andy Sperandeo introduced me to Lou.  They revealed to me the existence of the Crescent City Model Railroad Club.  Shortly after that I was invited to visit the CCMRC, which soon led to my joining the club as it’s first junior member.  Lou was one of the founders (maybe the founding member?) of the club back then.  He and the others made this young teenager feel welcome, and I’ve enjoyed railroading with Lou many times over all the years since then.  Even during periods when I lived too far from the New Orleans area to make any sessions, Lou maintained correspondence with me so I always felt a sense of continuity with the state of railroading at his place (and the CCMRC in earlier years).

Lou has always been one to share his various layouts with friends over the years.  I especially enjoyed operating on his present layout in Covington (the “monster” he called it during a discussion we were having one day).

We’ve lost three great friends now within the span of about ten months…kind of unnerving in a sense.  It will be difficult not seeing or talking with Lou (Der Führer as we affectionately referred to him) at his operating sessions, as well as with Bill Williams and Shawn Levy.

Rest in peace Lou, my good friend.