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BULLETIN - November 19, 2022, Construction Update.  The wall insulation and drywall have been installed.  The painting should proceed next week.  Check the blog for more details.

BULLETIN - June 30, 2022.  Re-construction has finally resumed on the Louisiana Central!  The last of the demolition work was completed this week, and new construction will likely start early next week.  I'll be posting updates periodically on the Louisiana Central Blog.  If you haven't visited the blog yet, give it a try.

BULLETIN - August 13, 2016.  The Louisiana Central Railroad suffered a horrific flood!  The layout room and shop took on about 15" of flood water.  You can read about it on the blog here and here.  While the building has been dried out and re-mediated, reconstruction will not take place until after my home has been rebuilt.  Since no layout construction or activity is planned during this time, I won't be updating this website with photos.  However, I will be posting status updates and other musings occasionally on the associated blog.

-Jack Shall

he Louisiana Central Railroad Company is a 1:87 empire which has it's roots in the former Mayberry and Southern, and the Willis, Acadia and Monterey Railroad Companies.  Founded in 1963, it is presently headquartered in Denham Springs, Louisiana.

Right of way has been acquired, and trackwork has commenced.  The new route, circa 1964, will have its southern terminus at the banks of the Mississippi River in Monterey, Louisiana, where it will connect with the Texas and Pacific Railway.  From there, the right of way will head northeast to Oneida, traversing the rugged Tunica Hills of Louisiana.  It will then venture into the State of Mississippi, serving the towns of Whitcomb, Maynard, and Willis, as well as several on line industries.  At Willis there will also be a key connection point with the Illinois Central Railroad.  The line will finally reach its northern terminus in Bude, where it will connect with the Mississippi Central Railroad.

Freight hauled will be primarily forest products, along with crude and refined oil, sand and gravel, and general commodities as needed by the on line and neighboring communities.  There will be a new bridge constructed across the Little River.  The Spencer Lumber Company will have trackage rights across this bridge for it's logging railway operations.

In addition, the Louisiana Central plans to institute daily passenger service to all towns on its system.  Future plans include the hauling of bridge traffic between the connecting railroads, providing a shortcut around New Orleans for traffic headed to the Midwest and Southwest.

Check back with this site occasionally to mark the progress of the new line.  Thanks for stopping by.

Email me with questions or comments at:  Louisiana Central Railroad Co.

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