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Layout Construction Photos - Willis Yard

Willis is the mid-point of the line and is the easternmost location on the layout to be modeled.  Trains continuing east to Bude will depart Willis and terminate in the hidden staging tracks.  Willis is actually two places on the layout.  The City of Willis is along the north wall of the room and will feature Railroad Avenue in downtown Willis.  It will also have the Illinois Central running through.  You can see more of this on the City of Willis page.

Just south of town is the Louisiana Central's Willis yard, and that is what we'll cover on this page.  Willis yard is located on one of the peninsulas of the layout, and is directly opposite the aisle from Monterey.  The first photo below is looking down that aisle.

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5/27/13:  Viewed from the entry to the aisle, we see the future Willis yard location on the left and Monterey to the right. 5/27/13:  Going further into the same aisle, we can see the sub-roadbed for the mainline coming into Willis yard. 8/11/13:  Birds eye view of the Illinois Central trackage (left) that is running through the Willis business district. 8/11/13:  The tabletop into the Louisiana Central's Willis yard is advancing.  We're near the end of this peninsula.

8/11/13:  At the end of the peninsula, we see the framing that will support the westbound mainline out of the Willis yard. 8/21/13:  Ten days later and the sub-roadbed into the Louisiana Central's Willis yard is near complete. 8/21/13:  At the other side of the peninsula, we again see the framing that will soon support the westbound mainline. 12/30/13:  A birds eye view taken of the L.C. main while curving out of the Willis yard (at right) and heading westward.

12/30/13:  Moving down to the normal viewing angle, we see the mainline snaking around as it heads toward Maynard.

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