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Layout Construction Photos - City of Willis

The City of Willis is along the north wall of the room and will feature the business district along Railroad Avenue in downtown Willis.  The Illinois Central line between Baton Rouge and Vicksburg will be running through, and the I.C. will have a depot on the avenue.  There will be an interchange track between the I.C. and the Louisiana Central's Willis yard, located on the perpendicular peninsula connected to this area.  The L.C. yard is covered on the Willis Yard page.

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3/12/13:  This shows where the IC main will enter the visible portion of the layout (at center). 5/27/13:  This view is from the opposite end as the previous photo.  The sub-roadbed reaches the far wall now. 8/11/13:  The Illinois Central (left) and the Louisiana Central (right, then curving left) cross here. 8/11/13:  Back at the far end of Willis, this birds eye view shows the I.C. mainline curving off to enter the south staging.

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