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Layout Construction Photos - Oneida

The photos below show the benchwork being constructed on the second peninsula.  This will feature the town of Oneida, which in turn will be the home of the Spencer Lumber Company.  Oneida (pronounced here as wah-nee-duh ) is named after Mr. Spencer's daughter.  The Spencer mill complex will be located in the "orb" at the end of the peninsula.  The Louisiana Central mainline will enter the peninsula down by the alcove, then run near the outer edge of the benchwork.  After traversing the orb, it will head back down the side adjacent to the center aisle, and then curve to the left down by the room entry.  At that point, the track will cross a long lift-up section near the entry and then enter the Monterey area on the opposite side of the room.

There will be two additional industries at Oneida: a sand and gravel operation, and a small loading point for an oil well.

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10/17/15:  The joists have been installed on the second peninsula.  A birds eye view, from the orb end. 10/17/15: And the view from the right side.  These views were taken while standing on a stool to give a better view. 10/17/15:  Here is the view from the other end.  Oneida starts here and runs along the left side of the peninsula. 10/17/15:  And finally we move to the center aisle.  The mainline will be at the right and will be heading for Monterey.

11/25/15:  The Louisiana Central and the Spencer trackage come out of their 180 degree curves, then join here. 11/25/15: Looking in the opposite direction, the joint trackage will cross a Pratt truss bridge at the narrowed point seen just beyond the alcove. 1/2/16:  Here's an overall view of the 2nd peninsula from the alcove.  The area you're viewing is Oneida.  The narrow roadbed is where the bridge will be. 1/2/16:  Looking back at the (future) bridge which will span the Little River.  There will be a sand and gravel pit operation over to the left.

1/2/16:  Moving a bit to the left, there will be a small crude oil well and shipping point at the left of the photo. 1/2/16:  Panning more to the left, the area that will contain the Spencer Lumber Co. mill complex is seen down at the end. 1/2/16:  A closer view of the Spencer mill complex. The log pond is in the center, loading at the left and log dump at the right. 1/2/16:  This is an overall view of the peninsula looking back toward the alcove.  The mainline will continue around the orb.

2/2/16: In the alcove you can see the LCRR and the Spencer mainlines curving from Whitcomb (at right just out of the picture) to Oneida at the left. 2/2/16: Entering Oneida,  the 1st switch directs to private trackage of the Spencer Logging Co.  The next switch is the start of the passing siding.  2/2/16: The Spencer mill complex.  The log pond and mill are at center.  The finished product loading is at left, and the log dump at the right. 2/2/16:  The west end of town, looking east.  The first switch is to the passing siding.  The next switch is the spur to the loading area of the mill.

6/4/16: The overall view from the east end of town.  The bridge across the Little River will be at the lower right. 6/4/16: Here we see the view from the west end of town.  The mainline presently (temporarily) ends here at the switch. 6/4/16: A close up view of the sand and gravel pit spur.  The Little River will be flowing through town just behind that "cliff" at the far end. 6/4/16:  And the Wildcat Petroleum Company spur.  There will be an oil well, a storage tank, a pump and a small building here.

6/4/16: And here's the Spencer mill complex.  The log pond and mill will be in the center, with product loading left and the log dump and yard track (centerlines) at right. 6/4/16: And we wrap up here with a photo of the first train to enter Oneida.  This completes the Louisiana Central trackage in this town.

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