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Layout Construction Photos - Monterey

Monterey represents the westernmost end of the railroad.  Located near the Mississippi River, just a few miles below the notorious Angola State Penitentiary at Angola, Louisiana, the railroad interchanges here with the Texas and Pacific Railway.  There are several industries located in Monterey, the largest being a Georgia-Pacific kraft paper products plant.  Also located here is the Sean Cannery Company, where vegetables grown at the prison are canned and shipped to points throughout the nation.

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5/11/14:  Here's the beginning of benchwork construction at the east end of Monterey.  The main will be at the right. 5/11/14:  Here's the view from the other end.  The yard ladder will be starting about where the broad curve ends. 7/12/14:  We're back at the outskirts of Monterey here.  The mainline enters at the right, then curves left to the yard entrance. 7/12/14:  Panning to the left, the long stretch at mid-photo is Monterey yard.  The G-P kraft plant will be further down.

7/12/14:  This photo is taken from the other end of Monterey yard.  The Texas and Pacific staging track is recessed left. 7/12/14:  We're back at the entry to Monterey.  I'm standing on a bench so we can look down on the trackplan. 7/12/14:  And here's a good view of the future yard ladder.  The switch at the far right is on the mainline. 7/12/14:  The view looking up the ladder from the other end.  The switch at right serves the track leading to the wye.

10/19/14:  Returning back to the entry into Monterey, the mainline and a spur have been installed. 10/19/14:  Panning to the left, we can see, just left of the crossing, the curved switch which leads into the yard. 10/19/14:  Back to the yard ladder.  The mainline track ends furthest away in the photo.  That is literally the end of the line for the LCRR. 10/19/14:  And looking back from the other end.  That's the end of the line at the left.  The T&P staging track (by the wall) is hidden at this point.

10/19/14:  Here's a closer view looking up the ladder from the other end.  From left to right: T&P staging, MOW track, mainline, runaround track. 10/26/14:  The wye has been completed.  The Sean Cannery Company spur is in the back, the Werthan Wholesale Grocers is on the right.

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