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Layout Construction Photos - Maynard

The photos below show the benchwork and the beginnings of trackwork located at the far end of the room.  The layout portion along the wall includes a long stretch of Illinois Central mainline with a passing siding running through Willis (that's visible in the first photo).  Tucked into the front left corner of this benchwork will be a small piece of the town of Maynard, an industrial area with two rail served industries: a concrete ready-mix plant, and a small propane dealership.

Getting some visual separation between Maynard and Willis will be a bit of a challenge, but I've got a few ideas about that.  We'll see how it works out down the road when scenery gets started.

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12/30/13:  A birds eye view, with the mainline curving to the left and just entering Maynard down where the roadbed ends. 5/11/14:  Track has now reached into Maynard.  Here we've moved further into town and are looking in the opposite direction. 9/1/14:  The industry spurs recently installed at Maynard.  The mainline (center) will curve here to follow the wall at left.

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